Columbia, SC, 2-day Itinerary

Columbia, SC, 2-day Itinerary


This itinerary includes:

  • where to eat

  • where to stay

  • what to see

  • special insider tips to save you time and $$

  • recommendations on what our family tried in the city

  • pricing for attractions, so you can manage your budget

  • links to special deals on attractions, when available

  • a parent’s guide with 3 fun activities to prepare your child for the trip

  • a special area for note-taking and list making

  • three journal pages for your kids, with a special question for each day, especially precious for making travel memories  

What are the benefits of purchasing an itinerary?

You'll get a pre-planned trip to a cool destination! No planning required on your part. Imagine all the time you'll save starting out with a plan! 

Is it worth the money?

How long does it take you to plan a family trip? 4 hours? 10 hours? A weekend? Add up the hours it takes you to plan. Then, divide the cost of the itinerary by the hours it takes you to search online and read articles about the destination on Pinterest, Tripadvisor, etc. 

Example: Let's say it takes you 4 hours to research and plan an overnight family trip. Divide $19.99 (cost of an itinerary) by 4 hours.  Then, decide if saving 4 hours of your time is worth paying $4.99 an hour.

Is it worth it to you?

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