Giants, lions, and rivers: A state capital trip for the entire family

This year, our family is studying US states and capitals. 

If you like family trips and meaningful learning experiences, traveling the country with the goal of seeing state capitals is actually a brilliant way to kill all the birds with all the stones: educate your kids, learn more about the government, visit new places, etc. 

I've got my US map all ready and am plotting the closest state capitals to my home as we speak. 

Pin this! Giants, lions, and rivers: A state capital trip for the entire family from

Pin this! Giants, lions, and rivers: A state capital trip for the entire family from

When selecting which capitals to visit, be sure to consider the following:

1) Is it an interesting destination with a variety of other attractions to see?

2) Is it close enough to make a weekend trip out of it? Unless you're planning a big cross country trip, or a week-long getaway, working bite-sized trips into your busy schedule is the way to travel!

3) Does it have a good combination of FREE activities? (Since our money tree burned down in a horrible fluke accident last year, we have to consider these things.)

Our first state capital trip this summer: Columbia, SC.

Do you want to visit Columbia, but hate planning family trips? Well, we've taken care of all the details here. Download our 2-day Columbia itinerary so you don't have to worry about planning; you can just have fun traveling!

Aside from the state capital, some of the educational highlights include: 

  • Eddie, the ginormous statue in the EdVenture Children's Museum, where kids can climb and play inside his body exploring his vital organs. Sounds gross, but the kids loved it! (Great for anatomy and biology studies.) 
  • Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, visit the award-winning zoo and park! (Excellent for families studying animal units.)
  • Tubing one of the many rivers in Columbia. (Perfect for the study of river life and water ecosystems.)
  • The planetarium and observatory at the South Carolina State Museum is a wonderful place to explore the skies. (Superb companion to space and planets studies.)

Still not sure if a trip to Columbia is a good idea? Check out this video.

Is Columbia, SC, worth a visit? Take 90 seconds to view this and then you tell us!

We'll be highlighting more state capital trips over the course of this year. If you're interested in hearing more about those, be sure to hop on our email list!