The bravest woman in Kingman, Arizona

One morning a few weeks ago, I met a brave red-headed woman in the dog park. She told me she was leaving Kingman after 20 yrs to move to Destin. 

She didn't know anyone in Destin. She was single; it was just her and her dog. She was going to find a job when she got there. 

She had every reason to be afraid of making a change. But she was moving THROUGH the fear to experience a new adventure. 

Fear doesn't always go away when you're operating outside your comfort zone. It is possible to be brave and afraid at the same time. 


If you're waiting for the fear to go away before

pursuing your dream, you may wait forever. 


Take a step, even while you're simmering in feelings of fear. Today is a great day to start. 

And if you ever feel like you've missed your window, like it's too late for you to get in on living life differently, remember the red-headed woman in the park.  

She was 60 years old. 

It's never too late to live this ONE amazing life you've been given.