Is your silence ok during this time? Yes.


People are churning.

They are speaking and marching and rioting and protesting and vowing and rallying. They are justifying, supporting, high-fiving, retweeting, spreading the word, activating.

There are poster boards and jeers. Comebacks and zero fucks given. 

There is us versus them, her versus him. 

There is:

"How could you?"

"How dare you?"

"Are you blind to what's going on?"

So many voices in the churning.

It used to be impolite to add your opinion to a rousing battle. Now, silence is seen as impolite and cowardly and even dangerous. 

So, urgency nudges my throat, begging my voice to jump into the churning. 

There is room for my silence, I reply to urgency.

Stillness is not an indicator of complacency, though you may think so, I say, calmly setting urgency aside. Thinking and listening and deep contemplation are required for wisdom.

Although I am quiet, I am actively seeking truth and opportunities for love.

And that is ok.

Are you out of words during this time?

I invite you to be still with me, my troubled and silent friend...there is honor in our stillness.

Let's join the churning when wisdom says jump, and not a moment before then.