Your Voice Matters: Give your opinion on the blog today

What's holding you back from living your dream life?

Is there something you wish you were doing that you aren't? Something you've been dreaming of doing, but feel like you CAN'T right now? 


Whether it's: 

  • traveling,
  • moving to another state,
  • getting out of an unhealthy relationship,
  • changing careers,
  • starting a business, 

...whatever it is for you...why aren't you doing it?

We want to give you a chance to share your "why".

It's completely anonymous and takes one second. 

Visit this link to see what I'm talking about. You'll have the chance to share a piece of your heart, but also you'll get to read what others are saying. You'll get to see their why's. Click here.


Here's why I think you should do this:

  1. It forces you to ask yourself, "am I living the life I want right now?" Sometimes, we keep ourselves so busy with life's activities that we don't have time to contemplate. Life stales when contemplation and mindfulness are kept at bay with busy schedules and exhaustion.
  2. If you answer that question, it facilitates a tiny spark of self awareness..."what IS keeping me back?" That moment of honesty, of seeing it written on your computer or phone screen, may be what you need to spark healthy change.
  3. You'll get to read others' answers. Taking the time to see that you are not alone breeds courage. And courage breeds inspiration. Inspiration breeds motivation. 

And with motivation...anything is possible. Maybe even, the life of your dreams.


Your voice matters to us. We want to know what you think. Click the link below.