What if we told you:

We planned every detail of your family's getaway, so you can focus on simply making memories?


Why do we help families travel?

We've been there. We were so busy building a life that we were missing out on the moments that really mattered.

So, we sold our house in 2014, put a few things in storage, and traveled for a year.

That's when everything changed. This is the story of a crazy little family who: 

  • broke all the rules
  • fit life into a carry-on bag
  • moved every 30-days
  • and now helps other families make meaningful moments together. 

This is the place where we share the lessons we learned on the road and the amazing power of travel.


Let us take you places.

We don't write about destinations unless we've been there ourselves.

 It's our authenticity GUARANTEE.

Enjoy some of our latest photos below.


A trip you don't have to plan for? Yep.

You don't ever have to wonder --

  • what city should I visit?

  • what's fun to do once I get there?

  • how much does each activity cost?

  • is it family-friendly?

Everything is completely planned out. Our articles tell you -- 

  • where to stay

  • what to do

  • where to eat

  • important pre-departure ideas for your family, packing list essentials and more!