Let us introduce ourselves.


Sam & Angus 

Hi! We're just a regular married couple who decided to try life outside the suburban box. We never thought we could do it. I mean, we had a 2000 sq ft house, how could we get rid of all that junk, much less live without all of it?

  • In 2014, we traded our white picket fence, soccer practices, and 2 car garage for living out of suitcases and nomadic traveling. We had very little planned, except this: we never wanted to go back to living life by default, watching the years pass and the regrets add up.
  • In 2015, we hung up the travel gear, taking all the lessons we learned on the road back with us into suburbia. But just because we're staying put, doesn't mean we're settling back into life as it was. If the nomad life taught us anything, it's this: adventure is a way of life, joy is a perspective, and the people you love are your home.

We're forever changed by our year on the road. Read about our travel year here.

  • Now, we get to help busy families in suburbia travel more by creating easy itineraries for quick getaways! We're excited to use our years of travel to help you find adventure!

The Firstborn

Forsaking traveling for college, the firstborn is busy studying and hanging out with friends back in Alabama.  Although she didn't go on the road with us, she's definitely a big part of this clan. 

The Middle 

The little mama of the bunch, our middle born child displays more sanity and responsibility than all the other members of the clan combined. We would forget many things without the gentle reminders from this Middle Child. She is our quiet observer, taking in all of life.

The Baby

Say hi to this chubby cheeked boy, the baby of the family. We're pretty sure that even when he's 40, we'll still be calling him 'the baby'. I know, right? Poor kid.