Want adventurous kids? Drop these 3 excuses.

We stared at Mt. Hooiberg with two little kids in tow and debated if climbing was a good idea. The stairs were steep, the heat was treacherous- should we brave the mountain with its 600+ steps.


Or should we just sit this adventure out? I mean, if it were just us sans kids, it would be a no-brainer. 

Here was our internal monologue as we questioned if this mountain was age-appropriate. Can you relate?

I don't want to hear the kids whining. I may even have to carry them. It doesn't sound like my idea of fun. They won't enjoy it either. We'll all be miserable, and for what?

1.  Sure they may whine, especially if this is new to them. Don't let that deter you, though. Everyone has to start somewhere. Doing this kind of activity with your kids gets easier each time you do it. Just keep imagining the first-time you did that boot camp class or played basketball after so many years. Remember the tears you shed, and how much you sucked wind, and empathize with those little humans next to you.

It's too dangerous. Maybe when they're older they may be able to do it.

2.  There's something about braving adventure that's a little lost on this generation of risk-only-on-a-screen. They play video games and scream with delight as they outrun the flying monkeys, but out in the flesh and oxygen world, they're not used to physically being challenged. Pushing through exhaustion and sweating for Pete's sake, they're little hearts could benefit from conquering real life feats early on.

They're so slow, it'll take me 4 times as long with them.

3. You're right. It will. That's life with those bumbly people with little legs. But couldn't we all benefit from slowing down a bit? 

Besides, the memories you'll make and the sweaty grins at the top of the mountain will all be worth it.


SPOILER ALERT: We climbed. We conquered. We celebrated. We regretted nothing.




Believe me, those little legs are growing up fast; pretty soon, they'll want to be conquering mountains...without you. 


Samantha NelsonComment