Think it's hard to homeschool while traveling? Here's one easy lesson sample.

I homeschool two young children while traveling full-time, every month to a new place. 

There, I said it.

Sound chaotic?

I prefer the term: non-traditional.

Yup, The Queen of Non-Traditional Living, it's on my nametag.

Anyway, homeschooling while traveling sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. 

How do I do it? 

I loosely follow a curriculum, but I'm also very intentional about finding opportunities for learning in our daily activities, using our unique surroundings.

This month we're in Wisconsin, so I did a frozen homeschooling lesson. 

No, not this kind of Frozen homeschool lesson. 


But an activity that deals with freezing things. 

Being in Wisconsin for the month of November, I figured I might as well stop fighting the cold and work it in productively somewhere.

I mean, if I was going to have a good attitude upon seeing the thermometer hit 11 degrees fahrenheit producing the coldest November in all of history, I'm not's literally never been this cold here on record before...our daily activities would have to include more than Mom hiding under wool blankets.

Then, I ran across this interesting picture one day in my newsfeed (good 'ole Facebook):

We had the main ingredients:

winter, snow, and freezing weather.

Here's what we bought:

balloons and food coloring.

The Lesson

  • I introduced the color wheel.
  • We mixed a variety of colors in a clear mug with the food coloring. Asking questions and trying to predict what would happen, it was a very lively morning activity. 
  • We charted the new colors and the colors it took to make them, using our "addition formula" 

A Color + B Color = C Color

 This was the chart my 5 year old made.

  • Then, using our new charts, we squirted food coloring into balloons.
  • Lastly, we filled the balloons with water, and waited.


Here's other ways we could have tweaked that lesson:

  • talk about states of matter
  • at what point does water freeze
  • temperature and a thermometer

This is just one, simple activity, but see how many different things the kiddies could have learned!

So, that's what homeschooling on the road, or roadschooling, looks like for us.

Everyday is a balancing act of teaching, igniting the love of learning and cultivating curiosity. But that doesn't mean it has to be complicated!

And it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive to be a fun, quality learning experience! In fact, it's usually the very simple, real-life activities that my kids remember most!

And hey! Here's a bonus...the colored balls looked just like the facebook picture above! #Winning


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