Does your life have a soundtrack?

During different periods of life, I have a strange attachment to certain songs. 

Good and bad times in life.

All kinds of songs. 

Doesn't everyone?

Like during 8th grade graduation, our tiny class of 30 sang "Lean on Me."  I hated that song. Yet, every time I hear it even 25 years later, it brings me right back to that tiny Catholic school on the beach in Hawaii, and that silly 8th grade ceremony. 

It is my 8th grade soundtrack.

Lately, I've been working out...I mean, it is January, right? Don't we all work out this month?

But the song that gets me moving most while lifting in the gym is DJ Snake's, Turn Down For What. 

Yeah, my biceps are flexing just thinking about's my gym soundtrack.

Some clip songs to the timeline of their life, like laundry to a clothesline. 

They have a wedding song, a tune they hummed to each of their new babies, or a song that brings them right back to the good 'ole days, which is usually accompanied by some variation of this: 



I think attaching a soundtrack to certain times in our life is a pretty common thing we all do, especially during moments burgeoning with emotion.  I wrote in an earlier post that life is full to the brim of big decisions for us, which has been taxing.

And again, I've got a soundtrack. 

Just for this time. 

It found me one day this week while I was in the car on a busy road in Panama City Beach.

It echoes my heart beat during this season of shifting.


What's the soundtrack playing for this moment in your life?