Moving to the Land Of Sure

So, we bought a house. 

In Nashville. (Cue the cone-tree mewzick, Blake Shelton...)

 An exact replica of our new house. 

An exact replica of our new house. 

No more wondering what the next month holds. No more trips to plan. 

We've picked a location and we're staying put...for a little bit anyway.

Is it the "period" to our travel adventures? Are we sad at ending the full-time travels? How did it all happen so fast?

I've found it hard to keep up the writing these past few weeks, as everything has felt so tentative. It was hard to celebrate the purchase of a house when closing was 50 days away. I mean it could have disappeared into a sink hole and all that celebrating would have been for naught, right? 

But now we're three weeks away and everything is still on track. And the house is still on its foundation. So, it feels a little safer to talk about it now...

If you're wondering--"I thought a few days ago, you weren't even sure about where you were headed?"

You'd be right. Life took a turn toward suburbia a lot faster than planned. 

Here's how it went down

We started our search on a Saturday in February, looking for property with land. We wanted some chickens, maybe a goat or a pig, and a plot of land to pretend we were Little House on the Prairie-ites. After a day of searching, we hated almost everything we saw.

We talked on our 2 hour drive back to Huntsville that evening about what was really important in this next house...and homesteading was low on the list. 

Most important was:  location, time to connect with new friends and family, and time to explore our new city.

While we love the idea of urban farming, this next season, we both felt, would be dedicated to building community and letting people into our lives, which feels both scary and life giving at the same time.

This season was not about giving all our spare hours to building a stellar garden, raising poultry, and renovating a fixer much as we LOVE those things and pretend to be Chip and Joanna Gaines whenever possible. Did someone say shiplap?

So, that Saturday night after we got home, we scoured the internet, looking at houses we never would have considered before: low maintenance, brick houses with little character and tiny plots of land. Bleh. But we found ONE.

Sunday morning, we were back in Nashville.

Sunday afternoon, we made an offer on that house, which had only been on the market for one day.

Sunday night, we found out ours was not the only offer. Nashville is apparently a hot market! Yikes!

Monday night, we got word that our offer was accepted, and the house was ours. 

I wouldn't have wanted the search to go any other way. It is just par for the course when my family is involved. There's adventure and beautiful chaos in everything we do, even the mundane.

So are we sad at giving up our full-time travels?

I think traveling full-time for almost a year was worth every stress-filled planning moment, every incredible adventure, and every dollar we overspent. We always said we'd keep traveling until we got sick of it.

And though we were FAR from being sick of it, we were craving roots even more. 

I don't think we'll stop traveling OR blogging. It'll just be different during this next season. 

We hope you'll come along, and if you're ever on the "third coast", stop by! 

The train wreck in suburbia promises to be just as fascinating as it was on the road.

At the very least, you'll learn a ton about Nashville!