The secret beach in Nashville.

Summer adventures should always include some kind of water activity, right?  



Neighborhood pool. 

Swimming hole in the mountains.


AND my personal fave...Beach.  

Unfortunately, in landlocked Nashville, the closest body of salt water is 9 hrs south.

So I had my ear to the digital ground for a great beach substitute right here in Nashville...and I found this. 



From what I understand, it's kind of a well kept secret around here.

Here's what we loved!

  1. It's got clear water, not murky like a lake. 
  2. There are loads of shaded picnic tables and grills overlooking the beach area.
  3. There's a giant playground overlooking the beach area, as well.
  4. The water is calm and shallow, perfect for beginner swimmers.

And hey, it's not Destin, but... it does have extra perks, like: no sharks.

Here are some important tips if you venture over to check it out:

  • Entry fee is $4, cash only.

Like transported citizens from 1809, they will look at you quizzically when you pass your debit card through the window to pay the fee. "What is this plastic card you are attempting to trade me for entry?" Thankfully, there is an ATM 10 minutes away, if you forget.

  • Remember your bug spray. 
  • Bring food. Stay the entire day.

Once you get sand in between your toes, it won't matter that you're in the middle of Tennessee. Beachy summer days would have found you like the good, faithful friend it is.

You can find directions to our secret beach here.

And let's just keep it between you and me.