Our family challenges you to: Three in 2018

We are throwing out a challenge to all families.


We're talking to you, busy family. With weeknight schedules filled to the brim with soccer, baseball, drum lessons, church services, board meetings, fundraisers, dinner with friends, working out, and weekend schedules bookmarked for errands and recovering from the week. We know you're busy, but we think this will help.

Three in 2018.

Recently, we read this quote:

"People who make enjoying life a priority, ummmm..enjoy their life."

And it was a revelation, in a child-like wisdom sort of way. Sometimes simplicity has a way of rocking you to your core.

As a family, we realize the power of travel. It informs how we see the world. It educates. It bonds us. It causes us to see beauty in the world, despite the fact that everything is raging: There is no more beauty on our earth. It teaches us how to overcome fear with each new, unexplored road we set our wheels on. And it reminds us that our comfort zone is nowhere near as sweet as we were lead to believe.


So, we’re challenging you to --

Take three road trips in 2018. Start planning now. Get your calendars out and block off three weekend in 2018 for you and your family.  

We're calling an all-out assault on living life by default. On letting our busy schedules run us into exhaustion. On missing the opportunity to make memories with our family.

Road trips are easy ways to start re-connecting and exploring with your family. You won't have the expense of plane tickets. And it doesn't have to be a long getaway. If you can pack a bag and drive a car, you can take a road trip.


Why three?

Four felt like too many to start with. Three felt achievable for the budget and for the schedule. If you start early enough in the year, you can fit in:

1. one winter/spring road trip,

2. one summer road trip,

3. one fall road trip.

Or if you’re a procrastinator, like me, you will fit in 3 fall/winter road trips just under the deadline.

But, three road trips in 12 months?? You got this.

And we're going to help.


You can count on us for quick road trip itineraries that your family will love. We'll help make planning a getaway easy by listing all the things you should see in a city. Our family will be your guide. We've gone to all the places we recommend and bring back only the best tips for your family. Take this road trip, for example.

Quick Road Trip Idea: The most underrated family destination

We're working on this article for you right now!

Shhhhhhh....You look like you can keep a secret -- it's Indianapolis, Indiana. And our family absolutely loved this city.

We're creating a list of fun things to do, plus where you should stay when you arrive! <-- (Yay, the article is done. Click on the link.)

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