The technique that will help you travel more this year.

We asked folks “what keeps you from traveling more?” Here’s what they said.

  1. Time.

  2. Money.

  3. Someone in their life that was “holding” them back. Typically, it was a spouse who didn’t like to travel or a parent that they had to care for.

weekend trips from nashville.png

Can you relate?

We're talking to you, busy adult, who loves to travel, but has EVERY excuse why it’s not feasible right now.

With weeknight schedules filled to the brim with soccer, baseball, drum lessons, church services, board meetings, fundraisers, dinner with friends, and working out…AND weekend schedules bookmarked for errands and recovering from the week.

We know you're busy, and tired. So, so tired.

But what we also know is that the desire to travel and see new places and explore hasn’t gone away no matter how swamped your day-to-day life feels.

Here’s the hard truth.

It won’t get easier to travel later. That elusive time you’re waiting for, when you’ll have more money, more time, more freedom…yeah…that’s a fairytale.

The reasons and excuses and responsibilities don’t go away, they just change with the seasons of life.

It happens like this:

Maybe you are caring for young kids and you think that once they get older it will be easier to travel. Except what you didn’t count on was that you can’t leave town once the kids are older, because they have sports and school and dances and plays. So you wait.

You wait until they’re out of the house or you’re closer to retirement, with thoughts that when those times come, you’ll have more free time. Except you didn’t realize that college would tap every free dollar. Or an aging parent would get sick. Or, God forbid, your health doesn’t allow you to travel.

And you put life on hold. And traveling continues to take a backseat.

If you want to travel more this year, we have a technique to help you. It’s called three in 2019.

Recently, we read this quote:

"People who make enjoying life a priority, ummmm..enjoy their life."

And it was a revelation, in a child-like wisdom sort of way. Sometimes simplicity has a way of rocking you to your core.

As a family, we realize the power of travel. It informs how we see the world. It educates. It bonds us. It causes us to see beauty in the world, despite the fact that so many voices in media and around us are raging: 

“There is no more beauty on our earth.”

Travel teaches us how to overcome fear with each new, unexplored road we set our wheels on. And it reminds us that our comfort zone is nowhere near as sweet as we were lead to believe.


What’s three in 2019?

We’re challenging you to take three road trips in 2019.

  1. Start planning now.

  2. Get your calendars out and block off three weekends in 2019 for you and your travel buddies, friends, and/or family. Because the ONE thing that will get you traveling more this year is intentionality. Get one trip under your belt and you’ll be hungry for more. Get two trips done, and you will be planning your third before you get home from your second.

  3. You just have to stop thinking about it and GO. You have to be intentional about picking dates, saving money, and arranging your schedule to fit travel in.

We're calling an all-out assault on living life by default. On letting our busy schedules run us into exhaustion. On missing the opportunity to make memories with the people we love.

Road trips are easy ways to start re-connecting and exploring with your family and friends. And hey, if you’re doing a solo road trip, what a beautiful way to find some quiet time and reconnect to your true self…the one beneath the layers of worry or exhaustion…the one you haven’t seen in awhile.

With road trips, you won't have the expense of plane tickets. And your trip doesn't have to be a long getaway. 

If you can pack a bag and drive a car, you can take a road trip.


Why three trips?

Four felt like too many to start with. Three felt achievable for the budget and for the schedule. If you start early enough in the year, you can fit in:

1. one winter/spring road trip,

2. one summer road trip,

3. one fall road trip.

Or if you’re a procrastinator, like me, you will fit in 3 fall/winter road trips just under the deadline.

But, three road trips in 12 months, You can do this.

And we're going to help. How?

You can count on us for quick and easy road trip ideas. We release one new road trip every Friday! We call it Mystery Trip Friday.

We will make planning a getaway easy. By highlighting a destination we think you’ll love every week, we’ll give you a wealth of trip ideas from which to choose! Let our family will be your tour guide. Take this road trip, for example.

For this trip, we drove the 4 hours to Indianapolis, Indiana. We had never been there before. Frankly, we were surprised we could get to Indiana from Tennessee so quickly. We slept in a historic train car, played drums in the city, road paddleboats down the river right in the middle of downtown, and so much more!

One road trip done…so many memories made. That’s how it’s done.

But don’t hear what I’m not saying.

Road trips don’t have to be hours away. They don’t have to be overnight trips. They can be day trips. Small treks that get you out of your 10-mile radius, out of your comfort zone, and onto new roads. Let’s reframe our idea of a road trip.

Road trip: exploring any area that you’ve never seen via car.

These weekend trips don’t have to cost more than a tank of gas. Skip the restaurants; pack a lunch and your favorite snacks if the budget is tight. Just hit the road.

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