It's not too late to do THIS for 2018.

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We often set our intentions for the new year -- in January. 

But what if you missed it? What if your year started with the flu? What if you walked into January with the best intentions but ended up feeling behind on day 2 of 365? What if things just haven't panned out as planned and you're still struggling with the same things you were back in December? 

It's not too late to restart your 2018. It's not too late to hit the reset button.

I started Jan.1, 2018 in the middle of a digital detox. 

The last two months of 2017 were a beast. Besides the holidays and a swirl of hosting we did, we did a lot of caregiving...for family members who were sick or going through a time of transition. And while I'm a 2 (Helper) on the Enneagram and am on the hunt for helping situations, I was totally drained.

I didn't care anymore if my Instagram was gaining or losing followers. I couldn't' write another post about travel. I didn't want to sit on Facebook and wonder who, if anyone, was listening. I was craving real connection and meaningful interactions to ground myself and to refuel.

So, I went back to, like a real-life girl in the 80's who was clueless about status updates or SEO strategies.

I wanted to make my world small again, eliminating the 1,000's of online opportunities for comparison and dissatisfaction (because I saw someone I didn't REALLY know sitting in a hut above the water in Bora Bora, while I was stuck digging through a bucket to find the perfect zucchini in the grocery store in the suburbs of Nashville.)

Instead, I sat in the discomfort with friends who mattered and discussed life with family members who love me. 

And we regrouped.  

I think we should do something like this AT LEAST once a year, if not more! We need to evaluate:

  • if we're on the right treadmill,
  • if our efforts are really moving us towards the right thing,
  • if we're giving our energy to the right people,
  • if we're letting the right opinions shape us,
  • if the thoughts we're giving prime real-estate to in the forefront of our minds are life-giving or self-sabotaging?

Re-evaluating, reinventing, regrouping is hard. Why?

It requires us to let go, to admit mistakes, or worse -- defeat in certain areas. (Let. It. Go.)  Often it means we take a few steps back, which is so hard when you feel like you're clawing and scrapping for every step forward. It's pruning a real-life, breathing human and it hurts.

But it's worth it. Here's why:

On the other side of the discomfort can be:

  • perspective,
  • refreshing,
  • and a ferocious re-commitment to the things that matter most in your life.

So, consider me pruned...for a season. 

It's no surprise then that my word for 2018 is: forward.

As I move forward, inspiration has returned, and new things are ahead for Those Crazy Nelsons. 

I'm glad you're here with us to uncover it. I can't wait to share more!

In the meantime, I hope 2018 is moving you forward toward every good thing.

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I'd love to hear how 2018 is treating you?

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