17 SERIOUSLY good weekend trips from Nashville that will surprise you

I asked some of my travel writer friends to share their expertise and recommend their TOP picks for weekend trips from Nashville. 

Pin this for later: The best weekend trips from Nashville via ThoseCrazyNelsons.com

Pin this for later: The best weekend trips from Nashville via ThoseCrazyNelsons.com


Have you been aching for some creative weekend getaway ideas? 

Consider this advice a godsend. Here's what they suggested.

Top weekend trip ideas from Nashville - straight from experienced travel gurus

1. Try some whiskey ice cream in Lynchburg, Tennessee (1.5 hours from Nashville)

2. Drive an armoured tank over a car in Tank Town USA (4 hours from Nashville)

3. Who needs England? Alabama has its own stonehenge, called Bamahenge. Then, hit the beach afterwards. (7 hours from Nashville)

4. Have you stayed in a tree house? Jan Schroder, from Girl on the Go, says you can't miss staying in one of these 5 adorably charming treehouses in Georgia.

5. Relax and recharge at the cozy Lazy Bear Lodge B&B in North Carolina. (5 hours from Nashville)

6. Cincy is a great spot for an all-around weekend getaway--there's something for every traveler. (4 hours from Nashville)

7. For a meaningful weekend, take a drive to the Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. (3 hours from Nashville)

8. Like wine? How about a 102-acre estate with a Tuscan-style tasting room near Winston-Salem, NC? We had you at Tuscan, didn't we? (7 hours from Nashville)

9. Hard-core road-trippers may not mind the 8-hour drive to New Orleans to see all this!

10. Ever wonder where all the lost airport baggage goes? This place. It's a thrifter's heaven. Shop, then eat. Then, shop some more. (3 hours from Nashville)

11. If you live in Nashville, you've probably been to Gatlinburg. But have you done everything on this list? (4 hours from Nashville)

12. Outdoorsy folks may love these 25 things to do in Birmingham, AL. (3.5 hours from Nashville)

13. Beech Mountain has fun for all seasons, but especially during the winter! There's a ski resort and Alpine Village that will make you feel waaayy more than 5 hours away from Nashville.

14. Space-lovers will adore this rocket scavenger hunt in North Alabama. (2 hours from Nashville)

15. Love giant caves? Then head here to explore caves by foot and by boat! (1 hour from Nashville)

16. Want to live like a hobbit, but can't leave middle Tennessee? Book a room here(1 hour from Nashville)

17. Do the phrases: barn, cottages, farm-to-table, or smoky mountains pique your interest? Drive three hours to Blackberry Farm and push the reset button on life.  

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