Ever heard of Turo?

Remember when your parents would say:

Share your toys. It's the nice thing to do.

 It was much easier to do when your toys were wooden building blocks and frayed stuffed animals.

 As adults our toys are significantly more expensive, and therefore, harder to share. 

Enter Turo.

Have you heard of them?

 It is a community of adults sharing their toys…their cars. Could you, would you do that? (I ask in my best Cat-in-the-Hat voice.)

Let's say, you have 3 cars, but you only really use one on a daily basis. The other 2 just sit in your driveway, unused. You could list those two cars on Turo and people could rent them from you.

Check out the listings in your area.

Wonder who uses services like this?

We did.  We used this website to rent an SUV for a month in California. 


Here's why:

When we compared prices, SUV rentals for one month were $1000-1200, depending on the company.  Through Turo, we rented an SUV for a little over $500.


  • Can be less expensive than mainstream rental agencies

  • You get to choose the car.

  • Website offers a system of reviews for each driver and each car owner.


  • Cars can be older.

 If you're interested in listing your car or renting through this site, read more here.

As a participant in any new business within the sharing economy, you will want to seek out those with good reviews. The person we rented the SUV from had multiple excellent reviews from other drivers.

Part of the joy and adventure of this traveling life are finding simpler, inexpensive ways to live.  It’s a bonus when we can share unused resources with others. It reminds us that we’re living in community with people, and anytime I'm reminded of that, I live a richer life.