An Experiential Museum Experience

Have you visited Burritt Museum this summer? If not, get there ASAP! 

They have a wonderful exhibit this summer - Gold Rush!  

The children must read clues and search for gold, or as parents like to call it, pebbles spray-painted gold. 

If your kids are fans of stories like Little House On The Prairie, or love learning about history, this is the museum for them. 

We always talk about how much harder life was in those days, so it was a great experience for the children to "pack" a covered wagon in preparation for a journey. Much different from packing the Honda Odyssey to go to the park for the day.

We give this family friendly place an A+!

A tip for when you go: 

Since all the exhibits are outdoors, the weather on the day you visit really matters. Choose a sweltering hot day and you might pass out before seeing all the fun sights! 

What's your kids' favorite museum?