Aruba's Butterfly House

What do you do on Aruba when you get tired of hanging out on the beach? 

Ok, is that even possible?  

Maybe not.

A better question might be: what do you do when you're too sunburned to sit on the beach? 

Aruba has a great little butterfly house in the hotel district that's perfect for days like that.


Heres what we loved about it: 

1) Interesting tours available in a variety of languages 

2) Free pass after your first visit- they'll ask for your departure date and give you a free pass to enjoy the park as many times as you'd like while vacationing on the island

3) Laid back atmosphere- bring a cup of coffee and a book and let the kids explore, there's no agenda but to watch the beauty flying all around

4) Fish and turtle feeding after each tour

Here was our least favorite part:

The price , but everything in Aruba is expensive! And with the free pass to return anytime while we're visiting, it wasn't really a bad price at all.

Any tips

The butterfly house is NOT air conditioned. Just be sure you bring something to drink and dress in light clothes so you can stay awhile.

There is a lot of shade and benches to sit and relax. 

Don't miss this attraction when visiting One Happy Island.