Need ideas for winter travel?


It's winter. The holidays have drained your bank account. You're still rocking in a corner trying to recuperate from the chaos of the holiday gatherings. You're tired, and if you're anything like me, you're asking yourself this question:

When is my next getaway?

You want to start the countdown to your next adventure, which for many occurs sometime during the summer months.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Winter travel is a great time to explore. So many families quit traveling during the months of January - March...because of the cold. Guys, this is why they make winter jackets and fireplaces.

Some think hoarding their vacation days for summer is a better idea. But guess what? It's not.


Don't put off travel until retirement. 

Don't put off travel until the summer. 

Do something small; see new places and do new things.



You don't need to take a week.

It's okay to save most of your vacation days for your big summer vacay. But it's not an either/or scenario.

Go ahead and take a long weekend or a midweek day this winter...and just explore. It doesn't have to be expensive. Getting away does not have to be complicated.

When considering winter travel options, you should consider the following:

  • Does the location have a good mixture of indoor and outdoor activities?
  • Will transportation be an issue due to icy/snowy road conditions?
  • Do the attractions I want to see have adjusted winter hours or are they closed completely?

 If you plan wisely, traveling during the winter months will save you money and add a little fun to the very bleak months of January- March. And talk about the winter crowds---there are none. That's a huge benefit, too. No lines. No fighting for parking. It's the best kind of travel.

Need ideas for fun winter travel destinations?

Good, because I've got them.

Does it feel too hard to plan? Let me do the hard lifting for you. This winter, I'll be suggesting appealing locations and itineraries for your quick winter family getaways.

Stay tuned. 

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