Regent Cruises: The Most Luxurious Cruise for your travel bucket list

Sometimes we get to do some CRAZY stuff.

Samantha Nelson Photography

Samantha Nelson Photography

This is definitely one of those times. We partnered with Regent Cruises to teach passengers on board social media and photography lessons for 10 days on their newest ship-- Seven Seas Explorer.

Samantha Nelson Photography

Samantha Nelson Photography


This was our first cruise -- ever. And it was perfect. And now, I'm afraid. 

Afraid to ever step aboard any other cruise line without being like that terrible mother who compares her stellar child to her mediocre one---

"Oh, Cruiseline X, why can't you be like your big brother, Regent Cruises, who NEVER charged us for an onshore excursion, whose bathroom has double sinks, and who has a balcony for EVERY cabin aboard the ship?"

Samantha Nelson Photography

Samantha Nelson Photography

It was a wonderful experience, not only being aboard the Most Luxurious Ship in The World, as it is dubbed, but seeing the ports between Athens, Greece and Venice, Italy.

Getting to connect with passengers who definitely feel in deep water when it comes to anything social media and watching them walk away empowered with new skills and understanding was also a major highlight for us.

Samantha Nelson Photography

Samantha Nelson Photography

here's what we did 

Creating a pilot program on the Regent Seven Seas Cruises cruise ship #SevenSeasExplorer on behalf of Brain+Trust Partners wasn't easy... but it certainly was a most enjoyable experience.

We launched an enrichment experience program aboard the ship for participants to learn, grow, and connect around social media.

Passenger testimonials from our classes included:
“Thank you for helping me learn to do this.” - DR
“My sincere thanks. My daughter can't get over me doing my own stuff now! - KP
“The best part of cruising... making wonderful new friends” - AD
“Couldn't have posted pic without the social media experience class!” - MF

Eleven events including: 7 classes; an exclusive onshore excursion in Kotor, Montenegro; Foodie experience with Chef Kelly; Ice sculpture experience; and final social party. Over 350 images, videos, and stories... 

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

here's why you need to bucketlist this cruise

1. It's all inclusive. Everything from business class airfare to food and drinks (and by drinks I don't mean soda and juice) to your onshore excursions. This made traveling a breeze.

2. On the Seven Seas Explorer, every cabin has a balcony.

3. They're voyages are port intensive. They stop at beautiful places and stay long enough to let you really explore. When we were traveling, we'd see other cruise ships come and go in the time we spent at port.

4. Complimentary 24-hour room service and a daily replenished minibar is included in cruise price. One night, I ordered hot chocolate and toast...just because I could. Yes, I did.

5. It's classy. The restaurants are classy. The dress code is classy--jeans aren't appropriate anywhere on board after 6pm.  You'll leave your trip feeling just a little more Downton Abbey and a little less yoga pants mom-y. We all need that sometimes, right?

6. There's a 1 to 1 guest to crew ratio, meaning people on board will know your name, and hopefully, you'll learn theirs. All of it creates a small town feel on the open waters.

7. Their voyage list is amazing, like jaw-dropping. I've heard the Baltic Sea voyage is outstanding. And on another ship within their line, they offer Around the World voyages--over 120 days on the ship and you see THE WORLD. 

If you've ever wanted to take a cruise, the Regent experience is truly magical and luxurious. Bookmark this in your adventure journals. You have one of those, right?


A peek into Regent Cruises Seven Seas Explorer

A peek into Regent Cruises Seven Seas Explorer