How to ask your boss for a (beach) day off: 7 Ultimate excuses

You’re sitting at your desk, pricing beach getaways…

…instead of working.

It’s understandable. You’re checking out the FLASH sales for beach trips near you. And who could blame you? Your boss is probably doing the same thing in his/her office.

For me, that beach is Gulf Shores, Alabama. It’s one of my favorite spots in the south to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Now, the tricky part: requesting time off from work.

Use some of these epic excuses next time you need a beach getaway! via

Use some of these epic excuses next time you need a beach getaway! via


Bright ideas?

You rationalize calling out sick with laryngitis.

You know, you’ll probably have to do that raspy whisper into the phone because you’ve “completely lost your voice.” Nah, too risky. Besides, you did that last week.

You contemplate a story where one of your great, great, great uncles dies.

You know, the uncle that was 108, bless his heart…how could you miss THAT funeral? Hmmm…too elaborate?

Here’s what you need to say instead.

"My therapist recommends that I go to the beach.”

I mean, who can argue about the state of your mental health? If your counselor suggests a beach getaway, he is a trained professional and his advice should be heeded. For hard-to-convince-bosses, you may need to use the industrial strength version of this excuse, which is: “My KID’S therapist recommends that we go to the beach.” I mean, it’s for the children, and they are our future.

“I’m in the beach karaoke finals.”

This is not a real thing. But it could be. And if it was, it WOULD be a big deal…like American Idol—almost.

“I have plantar fasciitis and my podiatrist proposes sand therapy for one week.”

Beware, you might get a question from your boss like, why can’t you wear special orthopedic soles in your shoes? No problem. Here’s your response: “Are we living in 1999, sir? Are we barbarians in the time of brain lobotomies, ma’am? Modern medicine’s solution requires soft, white sands…and probably some sunlight. Yes, lots of sunshine. And I shouldn’t be denied.”

“I’m training to be a lifeguard, and my final exam takes place at the beach.”

Offer to do a training for your team upon your return. If you’re smart, you can figure out a way to get the WHOLE office down to the beach.


“I’m an extra in a new movie about beach turtles.”

Remind your boss that beach turtles are no laughing matter and neither is your dream to be Angelina Jolie one day.

“I left a library book down there and I have to find it. You know those overdue fees.”

I love this one, because it shows that you are community-minded and willing to go the extra mile. To personally drive down to the beach indicates your true commitment to your neighborhood library and, dare I say, literacy. Likely this will get you noticed for the big promotion you’ve been waiting a decade for.

And speaking of serving your community…

“I am participating in a community service project to ____.”

Insert any of the following Bring sunscreen awareness. Fold beach towels for strangers. Shuck oysters for elementary school kids. Spread the word that sea stars are animals formerly known as starfish. Rid the world of farmer tans.

Of course, if none of these work, you can always resort to the promise of straight bribery, if leave is approved.

A picture of a dolphin or a dolphin cruise

A gift card to the best restaurants at the beach

A shirt with a bikini picture on the front

Whatever you do, get to the beach and don’t feel bad about it.

Did you know that a good deal of Americans are NOT taking their paid time off each year? It’s time to change that! And you don’t have to go for a week at a time! Three-day weekends and shorter getaways are ACTUALLY proving better for you than long vacations! And it gives you something to look forward to throughout the year, which is why we started this campaign!

The time to go is now.

Don’t be fooled! The beach that is closest to us is not just for May-August. There are amazing things going on from September through November, too!

Here is a whole list of 32 things to do in Gulf Shores this fall! Because summer shouldn’t have to end so early…

#keeponsummering is a campaign we’re promoting in partnership with Gulf Shores, AL to educate travelers on the benefits of a fall beach vacation! All opinions are our own.

#keeponsummering is a campaign we’re promoting in partnership with Gulf Shores, AL to educate travelers on the benefits of a fall beach vacation! All opinions are our own.


Have a better boss excuse that will get you to the beach? Share it below!

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