A rare PEEK inside: Which bathhouse is PERFECT for you?

If you’re here then…

you must be considering a bath in one of Hot Springs, Arkansas’ bath houses.

There are many things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas, but a bath experience in the thermal waters of Hot Springs National Park is probably the most popular!

We partnered with local bathhouses to give you a RARE peek inside three notable bathhouses on Bathhouse Row:

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Which Hot Springs Bathhouse is right for you? Reviews and pictures from  WeekendTripsFromNashville.com

Which Hot Springs Bathhouse is right for you? Reviews and pictures from WeekendTripsFromNashville.com


Here’s what we promise to give you in this article:

  • a review of three of the most popular Hot Springs bath houses on Bathhouse Row, so you’ll know which one is right for you,

  • rare pictures inside an authentic bathhouse experience

Ok, so which bathhouse is right for you?

Quapaw Baths and Spa

Microsilk Hydrotherapy, Swedish massages, enzyme facials

Tips for your Quapaw Baths and Spa experience:

  • They have a small cafe on site with free wifi, which makes waiting easier. This is especially helpful if you have children who are not old enough to bathe.

  • Bring shower shoes or rent them on-site.

quapaw bathhouse

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Buckstaff Bathhouse

  • Opened continuously since 1912.

  • No frills, vintage amenities lend to the historic bathing experience.

  • No reservations allowed.

  • Men and women have separate bathing areas.

  • Lounging tables are metal with a thin blue pad that is changed between clients.

  • Drink thermal mineral water straight from the spring!

  • Bath attendants are very good at talking you through the experience, especially what to expect.

  • Special packages available.

  • Services include:

    Sitz baths, steam cabins, needle-point showers, hot wraps, and more!

Tips for your Buckstaff Bathhouse experience:

  • Bring shower shoes, as none are provided.

  • Arrive early as reservations are not accepted and there can be a long wait during peak season.

  • During busy times, it may not be possible to fit in a massage.

  • Check hours, as they fluctuate with season.


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Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa

  • Take time to visit the historic hotel after your bath.

  • Historic amenities give users an authentic bath experience with 30-minute massages instead of the standard 20-minutes of other bathhouses.

  • Arlington Hotel and Spa will be undergoing $60-million dollar renovations over the upcoming years.

  • Kids are allowed.

  • Appointments recommended.

  • Men and women are separated.

  • Drink the mineral water straight from the spring!

  • Front office staff were welcoming and friendly.

  • Specialty services include:

    Thermal mineral baths & massages, specialty massages, and body wraps

Tips for your Arlington experience:

  • Slippers were provided at no charge, so you did not have to walk barefoot in the spa.

  • If you wander around the hotel after your bath, ask to see the Ronald Reagan room or the Al Capone suite!

  • For parents with very young children:

    You can still enjoy a hot springs bath at the Arlington. Book a Mineral Bath Hotel room during your stay and thermal spring water will be pumped directly to your bathroom tub! Then, you AND your young ones can enjoy soaks at your leisure throughout your time in Hot Springs, Arkansas!


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