Monterey Bay & The Most Unfriendly Restaurant Sign

Walking from the car to the pier, we can hear the barking sea lions (or seals--I'm still not sure how to tell the difference). The beauty of the docked sail boats swaying, as paddle boarders maneuvered through animal heads popping out of the water was everything I expected from Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf. 

What I didn't anticipate was the clam chowder turf war I'd be entering with gangs of taste test pushers trying to win my family to their restaurant. Much like a food court in a local mall, all foodie eyes were on us.

Their weapons?  Sweet promises of free calamari appetizers and ladles overflowing with creamy, clammy chunks hidden in white steaming soup.

One restaurant in particular won me with their chowder but lost me at their child un-friendly sign.  

Now, I get that not all tourists have 2 legged creatures at their hips like we do, but surely a nicer tone and verbiage could have been used. The bold face font basically smacked me in the face.

Kids deserve nice restaurant experiences, too, where they aren't discriminated against by glares that say "here come the breeders with their livestock." Kids don't always want to be relegated to brightly colored, sound proof playlands. Well, ok THEY might be fine with it, but their parents would love to drink from real glasses every now and again. 

So in spite of winning the chowder taste test, we didn't eat there. 

We turned our little stroller riding, noses up and went to visit more well-mannered mammals, like seals...or whatever they're called.



And then we went to McDonalds, where we were loved and welcomed by all.

I don't know, I get the heart behind this hateful sign. They don't want kids screaming and throwing food at other guests like the crazy baboons they can sometimes be, especially around nap time. But is there a nicer way to phrase it??