Friday's MYSTERY getaway: A Tennessee dinner in the clouds

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Here’s your Friday getaway:

mccloud mountain restaurant and lodge

This trip is perfect for a:

couple’s getaway, girlfriend escape, momcation

Where to go: La Follette, Tennessee

Drive time: 3 hours 17 min

What to do:

dine and relax and reconnect

Is there ever a time when those three options above aren’t welcomed?? Eat. Relax. Reconnect. Those sound heavenly to me. Life is busy enough. Your vacations shouldn’t be more of the same.

Here’s what you should know about staying at McCloud Restaurant and Lodge:

  • the roads are extra windy

  • roads can be treacherous in inclement weather (see above)

  • call ahead before traveling to verify that roads to the lodge are open (see above) :)

  • cell service is minimal

And when you visit McCloud Restaurant and Lodge but want MORE to do, add a stop here.


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