Friday's MYSTERY getaway: 2 drive-ins, super close to Nashville!

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Here’s your Friday getaway:

drive-in movie theaters

Where to go (two locations):

Stardust Drive-In Theatre

201 Tennessee Blvd - Watertown, TN 37184

Drive time: 45 minutes


Franklin Drive-In

6250 Nashville Rd

Franklin, KY 42134

Drive time: 45 minutes


This trip is perfect for travelers:

who love vintage experiences.

Drive-in movie near Nashville

Did you know there are plans to build a state-of-the-art drive-in experience, called August Moon, RIGHT IN East Nashville? Designed to help us relive the 1950’s with classic cars and picnic blankets under a pressurized dome, it will be an indoor drive-in set to replicate an outdoor experience. With conjured sounds of crickets and smells of meadows, August Moon is an attempt to appeal to the movie-goer’s five senses.

But what if you want a real, outdoor experience?

If you want REAL twinkling stars, you have two options, both about 45 minutes from the heart of the city. '

  1. Stardust Drive-In Theatre

Located 45 miles east of Nashville in Watertown, TN, the Stardust Drive-In offers current movies on two screens. With a concession stand that serves both screens, there is a complete menu with dinner options, in addition to the typical movie snacks. You are allowed to bring your own food into the drive-in for an extra fee. Admissions prices are lower than what you’d find in a typical movie theater in Nashville, especially because each ticket comes with a double feature!

One traveler’s review of the Stardust Drive-In.

You've got to go at least once a year!

This is so much fun. They have two theaters with double features. Go early and take a football or Frisbee to throw around. They have homemade hamburgers. Popcorn is fresh. Bathrooms are clean. You feel safe and don't mind allowing your kids to run around. We've been several times over the last 7 years and enjoyed it every time even if we didn't like the movie. Go early. The last time we were there it was sold out.

-baldrjh, TripAdvisor

Here’s what else you need to know.

  • Come early. Popular shows may fill up quickly. You’d hate to drive so far and be turned away!

  • Bring games for the kids, like balls or jump ropes, so they can play while waiting for the movie to start.

  • The drive-in is dog friendly.

  • Bring bug spray during the summer.

2. Franklin Drive-In

Franklin Drive-In is located right on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, about 45 minutes from Nashville. They offer carload pricing, so the more you bring, the better the deal:

$15 for 2 people
$20 for 3-4 people
$25 for 5 or more people

A double-feature is offered on one screen each weekend, and while a concessions stand is available, you are allowed to bring your own food for a fee.

One traveler’s review of the Franklin Drive-In.

We have a small car, and we always had a problem with trucks parking in front of us, so it was a gamble. But, with Franklin Drive-in, that is taken care of. They have orange poles where only small cars can park!!! No more problems trying to see the movie screen!!! I would totally recommend this to anyone!!!

Michael, Facebook


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#RoadTripUSA, #BestWeekendRoadTrips: 2 drive-ins that are super close to Nashville via

#RoadTripUSA, #BestWeekendRoadTrips: 2 drive-ins that are super close to Nashville via


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