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Here’s your Friday getaway:

holiday world and splashin’ safari

Where to go: Santa Claus, IN

Drive time: 2 hours 35 min


This trip is perfect for travelers:

love the thrill of water parks and roller coasters

Holiday World and Splashin’ Park Safari—What’s the difference?

They’re the same park, or better stated: two parks in one.

The two parks are connected. The front gate opens into Holiday World; Splashin’ Safari’s entrance is located across from HallowSwings in the Halloween section.

Both parks have received numerous awards, including World’s Cleanest Park. Splashin’ Safari was also ranked as the #1 water park in the nation by USA Today.

How can I find the best deals?

Purchase tickets online prior to your visit. You can find the best deals on Holiday World’s website.

What do I need to know?

  • The park celebrates holiday themes! So you can expect to see Santa in May or Halloween decorations in July.

  • For shorter wait times, go during the week (Tuesdays through Thursdays). Saturdays are the busiest days.

  • You can view webcams of the park.

  • Monitor any updates or closures prior to your visit.

  • Check the weather before going for forecasted rain, high temps, or inclement weather. The park offers a storm warranty that states:

    • "If a storm causes our rides to be shut down for at least 90 consecutive minutes (starting prior to 4pm CDT or four hours before Holiday World’s scheduled closing time, whichever is later) and you prefer to leave for the day before we begin to reopen rides, you are welcome to pick up a voucher for a free return visit in 2019 at Guest Relations.”

  • Fireworks are offered many times throughout the season. Where’s the best place to watch? Fireworks are launched just north of the park – so head into Thanksgiving and up toward Hyena Falls for the best view.

  • Rental lockers are available in both parks (most are in the water park); large-sized lockers are available only in Splashin’ Safari. Lockers in Splashin’ Safari may be accessed during the hours Holiday World is open each day. On days when only Holiday World is open (early and late in the season), only lockers in the Christmas section are available.

  • You should bring your own beach towels or plan to purchase them at one of the gift shops.

  • It’s a great idea to wear a hat or cap plus sunglasses during your visit.

  • Don’t hesitate to keep your shoes, sandals, flip-flops, etc., on in Splashin’ Safari; it’s okay to wear them in the water and on the slides.

  • For guests who need accommodations or have accessibility questions, there is a handy guide available. For example, a calming room for guests who need a break from the park’s sensory stimulation can be reserved for 30 minutes on a first come, first served basis.

  • There are height and weight limitations on many rides. You should familiarize yourself with those prior to your visit.

What is offered for FREE at the park?


    Be sure to stay hydrated! Soft drinks are free in both parks and include iced tea, Gatorade, lemonade and water.



  • WIFI

One traveler’s review of Holiday World.

Amazing experience!

As someone who has been visiting this park for years, it just keeps getting better! 
Everyone is friendly, and willing to help. Last year, I went with 3 other teens and it was great. We enjoyed it the whole time. In fact, when one person almost passed out from heat, they got us into that first aid station faster than most places. It was a great time, lots to do for teens as well as families. Plus, with the lower than average prices, it was great for a budget. My vegetarian friend especially enjoyed the options available for her. Overall, I would highly recommend this park! My mom has been coming since it was Santa Claus Land, brought myself and my sister and one day we’ll bring our future kids!


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Pin this for later! Best Weekend Road Trips from Nashville: Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari via WeekendTripsFromNashville.com

Pin this for later! Best Weekend Road Trips from Nashville: Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari via WeekendTripsFromNashville.com


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